Our Mission

AMENDY provides new food products: convenient and healthy with high nutritional value. Our mission is to bring the most nutritious food sources on planet to consumers. By applying our insights in agronomy, together with farmers we are committed to feeding Moroccans in a responsible way: a sustainable production, contributing to food security and reducing environmental impacts.

Our Story

Our story begins at college where three students with different backgrounds volunteered together in Enactus to implement social-driven projects in their community. They launched a project to promote quinoa, a super nutritious plant, in the Moroccan cookery. Upon graduation, the team saw in quinoa a solution to address nutritional challenges and poverty in Morocco. Joined by other talented people, the whole new team started creating prototypes and formed Amendy Foods, a mission driven-business dedicated to make healthy and nutritious food for a better life in Morocco. Discover our team!

Our Team

We're helping people to eat better by giving them the products and tools they need to make healthy food more than a one-meal stand!

Mohamed El Hilali


Isam Ham Erras


Upon graduation from university in 2008, Elhilali and Issam faced unemployment and decided to launch a business. Their passion for agriculture and their entrepreneurial spirit led them to found a company specialized in irrigation and based in the Haouz region (Marrakech). Later on, they joined Amendy Team in order to contribute to sustainable development of their native region.

Manal Mhada


As a researcher conducting a Ph.D on quinoa, she started AMENDY with a great will and determination. She believes that this plant can play a key role in addressing nutritional challenges in Morocco.

Mohammed Bendaanane


Geomatics engineer interest in communication. At AMENDY, he works on product marketing and sales. Mohammed is a Global Business Institute Alumni, it’s a program about entrepreneurship funded by the Kelley School of Business.

Mohamed Louay Metougui


Ph.D student working on Argan development at the Agronomic Institute of Rabat. Aspiring changemaker deeply interested in design. For AMENDY, he helps with branding and product development.

Tariq Mkakal


Tarik is a technical sales specialist specialized in agricultural machinery and irrigation. He believes that diversity is a form of wealth that we as human should explore to make a difference in the world.

Our Advisors

We have a strong advisory board combining leaders from social entrepreneurship, Business development and strategy.

Imane Temsamani


Dynamic and passionate about Marketing and Communications, with more than 4 years experience in multinational companies and Communication agencies. Imane is our super marketing advisor, she helped us through our marketing strategy and did not hesitate to give feedback and tips to do things better.

Adnane Addioui


Country leader of Enactus Morocco and co-founder of MCISE. Adnane is pioneer in Social Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching in MENA with a focus on System change. He has more than 5 years of social and commercial experience. Adnane worked with Amendy team at the stage the idea building, he oriented the team toward a business based on sustainable development by focusing on actions and results.

Touria Benlafqih


Touria is fond of nonprofit organizations work, she has been working and volunteering with NGOs since 2004. She was selected as Future Leader by the Crans Montana Forum in 2013. As a program manager of Enactus Morocco, Touria worked closely with Amendy team during the idea development at Enactus IAV Hassan II and also after the Company creation. With her pragmatic way of thinking she helped the team to accelerate in many things.

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